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  • domestic_rural

    We offer water filtration and purification technologies including the most efficient RO units on the market for delivering safe and great tasting drinking water.

  • commercial

    We offer a range of water treatment solutions including UV-disinfection and ozone technologies, water softening and deionisation, cooling water treatment and automated dosing including high precision dosing and syringe pumps for laboratory applications.

  • industrial

    Industrial Water Treatment applications including membrane filtration, industrial filtration, ion exchange, chromatography and synthetic adsorbents for treating potable and waste water, processing of fruit juices, herbal extraction and also recovery of valued products.

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    Our Projects and Installations

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Leaders in Water Filtration, Water Treatment & Reverse Osmosis

Pacific Water Technology is an innovative supplier of water filtration and treatment solutions for the domestic, rural, municipal, commercial and industrial markets. We are an importer, local manufacturer and supplier to wholesale and direct to public sales. Our water treatment solutions include latest technology membrane filtration, ozone and UV-disinfection technology, treatment of potable and waste water to remove contaminants including heavy metals, chloramines and fluoride.



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Wholesale and trade enquiries welcome! Please contact us or fill in our online enquiry form for more details on our wholesale pricing.