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About Pacific Water- Water Filtration and Purification.


Our new offices, showroom and warehouse in Brisbane now open for business.

Located at 27 Staple Str  in Seventeen Mile Rocks, our new  showroom  features a host of different water purification systems including:  Reverse Osmosis Systems, Aquarium FiltersOzone Generators, UV Disinfection and Whole House Filtration systems. We also have on hand  commercial equipment including Chemical Dosing Systems, Peristaltic Pumps , Rotary Drum Filters which are available for demonstrations.



We stock a wide range of equipment and spares including flow meters, static in-line mixers,  ozone compatible equipment, UV disinfection equipment spares, and ozone generator spare parts.  Also we offer a wide range of bulk chemicals including pool chemicals, water treatment chemicals including flocculants, and other filtration media like filter gravel, sand, glass .




Our prices are very competitive – straight from the factory to you ! Our equipment is sourced from the most trusted brands in the industry . 


Visit our Showroom in Brisbane and select from a huge range of different water filtration and purification systems.

Concerned about fluoride, chloramine or chlorine in your water supply? We offer all types of filtration including ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, whole house filtration and specialised filters that add minerals into your water. We also offer a wide range of commercial systems that  can be used in hospitals for supplying de-mineralised  water to sterilisers and dishwashers including RO and water softeners. We have a drum filter on display that is available for demonstrations – typically used in aquaculture for recirculating water systems to filter out the suspended solids from the waste water.



We are a major supplier of commercial filtration and and disinfection equipment with a proven track record in the aquaculture, food and beverage, mining and environmental remediation industry.  See some of our references  



Pacific Water Technology- Water Filtration and Purification Solutions.

At Pacific Water Technology we pride ourselves in providing innovative and environmentally sustainable water filtration and purification solutions, to ensure that our efforts contribute to our future generations  and they can benefit from the resources  that we take for granted.

We are a team of experienced engineers and water professionals who relentlessly pursue smart and world class solutions for our modern era technological challenges. Our water filtration and purification solutions provide safe drinking water even in extreme conditions and water contaminated with heavy metals and other carcinogens.  Our disinfection technologies almost exclusively rely on non-chemical intervention and include ozone, ultraviolet and membrane technologies. 

 Pacific Water brings its programme management, engineering, procurement, and technical expertise to bear in delivering solutions for water filtration, purification and disinfection  during all stages of the process flow. We work with premier third party technologies as well as our own in-house technologies to deliver to the client the best solution. We have partnered with some global leaders in the water treatment industry to provide you with optimal and cost effective water filtration and purification solutions that comply to the relevant industry standards.

See what our customers say: pacific_water_nsw_fire

In the industrial market sector, we provide our solutions across a wide range of different industries .
Our ion exchange and adsorptive resins are used in over 40% of all fruit juices produced worldwide in food applications that include chromatographic separation, de-acidification, supports for enzyme immobilisation, removal of  pesticide and unwanted components, as well as colour, turbidity and odour removal.
We offer a range of heavy duty drum filters for aquaculture and other applications, and also peristaltic, gear  and  syringe pumps for scientific and industrial markets.

Some Industries we serve:

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    Potable and waste water treatment and disinfection technology like wine barrel sanitation using ozone.

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    Food Processing

    Water softening, water treatment, disinfection, ion exchange and polymeric adsorptive technologies.

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    Mining and Manufacturing

    Provision of potable water solutions for remote locations, removal of contaminants including heavy metals from waste water.

So contact us today.

Our ethos is to provide 100 % satisfaction and provide prompt and cost effective and Environmentally Friendly Solutions. So don’t put up with dirty water, call us on 1300CLEANWATER.





“Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.” Henry Ford (The Industrialist)

Citarum river in Indonesia, considered the world’s most polluted river. 


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