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Get Better Drinking Water at Home, with Activated Carbon Water Filter Systems from Pacific Water Technology

Whether you are building a new home, doing a complete renovation of an old one or simply undertaking a handful of home improvement tasks to make your living situation better, one factor that many people forget to think about is drinking water. Sure, in new construction projects or renovations, the kitchen gets a lot of attention, from the fixtures to the appliances, all the way to the countertops. Filtration systems for the tap water, on the other hand, often go overlooked.

Introducing Pacific Water Technology

At Pacific Water Technology, we are here to help you get better drinking water at home, with our activated carbon water filter systems. Unfiltered water out of the tap is often plagued with a slew of objectionable tastes and odours, including iron and chlorine. Water systems without filtration in place can often have issues with hard water, too, which can in turn take a toll on your showers and bathtubs. Bottom line, installing an activated carbon water filter at your home can both improve your drinking water and cut down on other tap water issues that can cause problems in the long run.

If you are looking for an activated carbon filter supplier, look no further than Pacific Water Technology. We are based in Brisbane, but we provide water filtration and treatment solutions to clients all throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our offerings go beyond residential water filtration, too. Indeed, we sell into the commercial and industrial markets, as well. With such vast and versatile experience, we can help virtually any client with virtually any water-related problem. So whether you are looking for technical support for an existing water filtration system, or for an activated carbon filter supplier to install a new filtration system at your home or business, Pacific Water Technology is qualified to handle the request!

The Benefits of Using an Activated Carbon Filter System at Home

If you are looking for a full house filtration system, then an activated carbon filter from Pacific Water Technology is arguably the smartest option on the market. A multifunctional filtration technology, activated carbon treats water by essentially instigating a chemical reaction to convert chlorine to chloride. The result of this reaction is healthier and better tasting water. In addition, the activated carbon filtration sequence is unique in that, unlike some other types of water treatment, it does not introduce new chemicals or other detrimental substances to the water.

At Pacific Water Technology, we are proud activated carbon filter suppliers, which means that we can provide you with sophisticated filtration systems for your home, your commercial headquarters or even your fish tank! That’s right: we have a special activated carbon filter meant for aquariums, to keep your fish and other marine animal pets happier and healthier.

Are you interested in learning more about Pacific Water Technology and our activated carbon filters and aquariums? Visit our website today, at www.pacificwater.com.au.