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Pacific Water Technology has launched a new range of personal ozone generators with a wide range of different applications.

These include multi-functional ozone generators  that can either provide gaseous ozone or  ozone dissolved in water which is a very potent disinfectant.Ozone is recognised among the strongest, fastest, commercially-available disinfectants and oxidants for water treatment. In addition, chlorine can not treat all water-borne pathogens, while ozone can. Cryptosporidium is only one of the many known but unregulated pathogens that chlorine alone cannot treat (assuming practical, safe doses are used, and remembering that chlorine is a poison at high doses). The advantage of ozone is that it simply decomposes back to oxygen , therefor not creating  toxic byproducts. 

Our multi-functional ozone generator comes with a  desiccant dryer to ensure reliable operation with minimal maintenance.  The unit has an adjustable output and  has a wide range of applications:  More: