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Looking for Softening Support? Pacific Water Technology now Offers Domestic, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Water Softener Systems.

In the western suburbs of Brisbane sits Algester Lodge Nursing Home. This all-inclusive facility – which delivers secure dementia and special needs care – recently suffered from excessive scale build-up, with its dishwashers and steamers all corroding from a constant exposure to lime. To counter this the staff tried a series of domestic water softener systems but none proved effective. The problem instead continued to grow.

As the leading provider of residential water softener systems (as well as commercial water softener systems), Pacific Water Technology assessed the Algester Lodge Nursing Home and created a custom solution – connecting the staff to automated backwash and flushing sequences, turbine flow metres, and volume-based regeneration systems. The result was success.

Pacific Water Technology: About Us

Since 2013, Pacific Water Technology (PWT) has served as a premier provider of domestic, commercial, and industrial water softener systems. Our dedicated team delivers custom strategies to every client, addressing a variety of hard-water needs (such as calcium build-up, iron build-up, or magnesium build-up). By combining bespoke tactics and NSF-certified products, we were able to improve the Algester Lodge Nursing Home’s conditions greatly, and we can do the same for you.

Searching for domestic water softener systems, commercial water softener systems, and more? Contact PWT today for access to premium scale reducers.

Embracing Diversity: Our Residential and Industrial Water Softener Systems

Removing permanent hardness requires both extensive experience and exceptional products. PWT offers both:

Our Residential Water Softener Systems

To reduce lime scale corrosion, we deliver a series of domestic water softener systems, blending: ion exchange resin regeneration, high purity cation resin, and separate brine tanks (capable of treating up to 2200 litres of hard water an hour).

Our Commercial Water Softener Systems

To remove hard water, we offer both ion exchange and nano-filtration technology, offering commercial ventures: reverse osmosis systems, deionizing resins, and high-capacity tanks generating up to 5000 litres per hour.

Our Industrial Water Softener Systems

To adhere to all industrial standards, we provide premium softener products, utilising both ion and nano-filtration technology to reduce calcium, magnesium, and other deposits. Our treatments include water-based regenerations, cross-linking polymers, and valve-to-brine tank tubing.

To meet all domestic and industrial demands, PWT provides clients with NSW-certified product lines, including Fleck and Seplite. We also manufacture custom products in our Seventeen Mile Rocks showroom. This allows us to address all concerns with greater ease and efficiency.

The Value of Water Softeners

When PWT fused the Algester Lodge Nursing Home with custom solutions, immediate changes occurred: the lime scale levels retreated; the condition of all appliances improved, and the constant need for repairs ceased. This is the value of commercial and residential water softener systems. They counter the effects of hard water and reduce the overall time, money, and patience wasted on scraping away scale.

To read more about our success at the Algester Lodge Nursing Home request an exclusive case study today!




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