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Peristaltic Chemical Dosing Systems, Custom Built for Your Industrial Applications

Different industrial factories have different needs when it comes to chemical dosing systems. That’s because, depending on the product or substance produced, different doses of different chemicals might need to be fed into the process stream at completely different times. In other words, an effective industrial chemical dosing system will be customised with these different variables in mind. There is no ‘one size fits all’ product option when it comes to chemical dosing system equipment.

Industrial Chemical Dosing Systems, Custom-Built to Suit Your Needs

At Pacific Water Technology, we are fully familiar with the range of different variables that have to be considered in the design of any effective peristaltic chemical dosing pump. As a result, we work tirelessly to provide our clients with the customised products they deserve. We believe that we can fill the role as your chemical dosing pump suppliers better than the competition, simply because we will customise a bespoke system to fit your every need.

It doesn’t matter what kind of product your factory is producing. It doesn’t matter which chemicals are needed during the manufacturing process. It doesn’t even matter which chemical dosages are required, or where in the process stream they need to be pumped into the process stream. When you choose Pacific Water Technology as your chemical dosing pump supplier, we will work with you to design a bespoke system, built specifically to your needs and specs. The resulting system will only improve your manufacturing process, ensuring more accurate chemical dosage at every stage of the process stream.

Pacific Water Technology: An Experienced Chemical Dosing Pump Supplier

Pacific Water Technology has built a comprehensive range of high-quality industrial chemical dosing systems for past clients. We’ve built chemical dosing systems that used soda ash to increase pH levels. We’ve built systems that added flocculent or coagulant to remove turbidity. We’ve built systems that added antiscalants to the influent to prevent membranes from fouling.

Regardless of the chemical dosing system equipment that you need, you can count on the talented team at Pacific Water Technology to deliver something that does the job perfectly. You can also count on a heavy-duty system that can withstand the hefty demands of any industrial application. Using top-quality materials and importing only the best system components—including peristaltic chemical dosing pumps from premier brands such as Milton Roy and Nikkisco—we provide chemical dosing systems that are not only built to your specifications but also built to last.

Are you interested in learning more about Pacific Water Technology, our bespoke chemical dosing system equipment or our overarching commitment to quality and safety? You can find a bulk of information available on our website, at www.pacificwater.com.au. One of our representatives would also be happy to speak to you about the products we offer, to help you understand Pacific Water Technology is the right choice for your next industrial chemical dosing system. If you wish to reach us directly, call us today at 1300 CLEANWATER.