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Searching for Industrial Water Treatment Options? Pacific Water Technology Delivers an Array of NSF Certified Systems, Equipment, and Products.

Diversity defines the industrial world. Within the Australian economy is a series of commercial ventures, each defined by specific sales goals, strategies, and statistical analyses. They are all unique and seemingly share no similarities, except for a need of industrial water treatment systems.

The industrial field is vast – shaped by food preparation and productions, aqua-cultural brands, mining, pharmaceuticals, and more. Though their business models differ, their searches for NSF certified industrial water treatments proves universal; and this is why Pacific Water Technology now delivers a series of system options. We seek to accommodate Australia’s many companies.

Pacific Water Technology: About Us

Since 2013, Pacific Water Technology (PWT) has served as the leading provider of industrial water treatment equipment and industrial water treatment products. We offer bespoke solutions, analysing water samples from each client to gain insight into specific issues (such as the need for membrane filtration, the need for demineralization, or even the need for drum filters). Once we determine the source of each contamination, we then launch strategies to correct it.

This allows us to adapt to all industries and all industrial water treatment needs. Our experienced team – with members adhering to NSF, WQA, and USDA standards – ensures superior results. To learn more contact us today.

Our Industrial Water Treatment Systems

To connect each company to the NATA-certified support they need, PWT boasts a suite of applications, including:

Industrial Water Treatment Products

  • Arsenic and Heavy Metals Removal
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Iron and Manganese Removal
  • Nanofiltration
  • Water Softeners
  • Exchange Resins and Adsorption Media

Each of these products promotes superior filtration, with PWT relying on NSW-certified materials and WaterMark-certified standards. They prove ideal for industrial boilers, waste streams, potable water streams, or RAS.

Industrial Water Treatment Equipment

  • Testing and On-Line Monitoring Equipment
  • Safety – Spill Kits
  • Ion Exchange and Synthetic Adsorbents
  • Ozone
  • Chemicals
  • Control Equipment and Dosing Pumps

Each of these equipment options promises exceptional treatments, using processing lines, anion exchanges, membrane cell technology, and more to achieve quality results. They’re WQA or FDA certified, depending on chosen solution.

Industrial Water Treatment Systems: Our Expertise

PWT doesn’t merely suggest industrial water treatment equipment options. We instead connect each client to the right equipment options, utilising a vast experience with different industries, including wineries, mining, food processing, precious metal recovery, waste treatment, drinking water treatment, and chlor-alkali processing. Extensive knowledge of these fields and their standards allows us to provide sterling results.

Searching for Industrial Water Treatment Products or Equipment? Contact Pacific Water Technology Today.

The industrial water treatment process demands an understanding of deionisation, purification, immobilisation, and more – which is why choosing the right products proves so essential. Let Pacific Water Technology provide your company with the support and custom solutions it deserves. Contact us today:




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