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PURE-PRO Euro-Professional 3- Way Taps 


The Pure-Pro Euro-Professional 3-Way Taps are high quality triflow taps which are available in a polished chrome finish. T he Pure-Pro Euro-Professional 3-Way Tap is a fantastic tap to install in your home or workplace. This tap combines elegance and ease of use, by using separate water paths to ensure that your filtered water is not being mixed with any unfiltered water. The Pure-Pro Euro-Professional has two levers, the top lever controlling both the hot and cold water so you can have your water as a steady temperature at all times and mix the temperature easily. The bottom lever controls the filtered water which is dispensed from a separate aerator on the tap. The Pure-Pro Euro-Professional 3-Way Tap has a strong build quality and you can ensure you won’t be disappointed. The chrome finish is very durable and will not rust over time and the tap comes with our standard 1 year warranty.