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The Tank/Well/Bore Water Test Kit contains test for 13 important parameters for DIY water quality testing. 



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Details – Bore/Well/Rain Water Test Kit

The Tank/Well/Bore Water Test Kit contains everything you will need to simply and accurately test water from your Water Tank, Water Well or Bore for unsafe or undesirable levels of one or more of the 13 common parameters: Alkalinity, Bacteria (Coliforms), Chlorine (Free), Copper, Hardness (Total), Iron, Lead, Mercury, Nitrates, Nitrites, Pesticides, pH and Sulphate.

Many businesses and community groups use a private water supply for drinking water or food preparation. One common source of private water supply is groundwater. Groundwater includes water from bores, spear-points (shallow installations), springs or wells. Groundwater can be high quality if the source is well maintained and protected. Unfortunately, groundwater can be contaminated by sewage, animal wastes and agricultural runoff (which may contain fertilisers and pesticides), industrial pollution, seepage from rubbish tips and polluted stormwater. If humans consume contaminated water, they can get very sick.

The risk factors pertaining to rain water tanks are often overlooked. The quality of rain water can be extremely variable and the tank can over many years build up a thick layer of sludge. Dissolved organics contained within the rain water tank including tannins can cause complications during fitration. Knowing what contaminants are present can help decide what type of filtration is required. For rain water filtration the minimum treatment should contain sediment and activated carbon filtration, followed by a disinfection step .

The Tank/Well/Bore  WaterTest Kit includes

2 tests for Alkalinity 
2 tests for Bacteria (coliforms) 
2 tests for Chlorine (Free) 
2 tests for Copper 
2 tests for Hardness (total) 
2 tests for Iron 
2 tests for Mercury 
1 test for Lead 
2 tests for Nitrate 
2 tests for Nitrite 
1 test for Pesticide 
2 tests for pH 
2 tests for Sulphate

plus clear, easy to use instructions, to ensure reliable test results.

No Special Equipment or Training Required


  1. 3 out of 5


    I will be building bore wells and rain harvesting for church villages.
    need a test kit , please send me details.

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