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The inexpensive Drinking Water Test kit allows you, in a few simple steps, to determine if your water contains harmful or undesirable levels of bacteria, lead,  pesticide, chlorine, nitrate, nitrite, pH and hardness.

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Details-Water Testing Kits

This Drinking Water testing Kits  identifies harmful levels of bacteria and lead in your water. Watersafe  water testing kits are easy-to-use and produce results on the spot. Tests bring the accuracy of laboratory procedures into any home or business. Contains one-step water testing kits: Lead kit can detect dissolved lead at levels below the EPA Action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb); bacteria kit can detect the presence of Coliform Bacteria in your water. Get results in only 10 minutes with easy to follow directions and no mixing or measuring.

  • Get professional lab results in your own home
  • Find out if you have hard water and learn your water’s pH balance
  • Detect dangerous amounts of chlorine and test for presence of bacteria
  • Reveal the presence of deadly toxins (from pesticides or fertilizers)
  • Compare your results with EPA recommended levels

Kit Includes:

  • The All-In-One Home Drinking Water Testing Kits

    • EPA Standards
    • Results in Ten Minutes
    • No Mixing or Measuring
    • The kit contains ONE strip per test.
    • The kit will measure from zero to 425 ppm hardness.

    Find out if your water has harmful levels of these common contaminants:

    • Pesticides:  From Agricultural Uses.  Linked to Increased Cancer Rates.
    • Chlorine:  By-products Can Increase Cancer Risk; Bad Taste and Smell.
    • Nitrates/Nitrites:  From Fertilisers and Animal Waste.  Causes Development Problems.
    • Pb: Lead.  Causes Developmental Harm, Neurological and Kidney Damage.  
    • pH:  Can Cause Heavy Metal (lead) Leaching,  Plumbing Damage.
    • Hardness:  Causes Lime Scale and Higher Detergent Use.

    EPA Standards

    • Complies with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s strict standards
    • Test your water monthly

    Why Watersafe:

    • Safe & convenient
    • Results in minutes
    • No mixing or measuring
    • Individual packages
    • One-step
    • Disposable

 Item weight: 91 grams

 Click here :For more information on drinking water standards.


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