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  Small packaged RO Plants with a capacity from 1500 to 6000 gpd  for treating water from non potable sources including  bore water.

 Description: Packaged RO Systems

Packaged RO systems that include sand filter, activated carbon filter and water softener as standard components.  In order to verify that our systems will meet your specific requirements , please complete the form below. Any water that contains iron , hydrogen sulphide, heavy metals and/or  is acidic, may require additional filtration steps. 

Packaged RO systems , also known as modular systems, take up less space and contain few moving parts. The result is an efficient, highly reliable and affordable potable water treatment plant or wastewater treatment plant with low maintenance and operating costs.

  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Lower day-to-day maintenance and simple operation
  • Cost-effective alternative to “in-ground” treatment plants
  • Transportable to practically anywhere
  • Packaged RO systems arrive on site almost ready to operate due to their “plug and play” nature. This minimises the need for installation periods.


We can also incorporate post-treatment steps including mixed bed or two stage deionisation or twin pass reverse osmosis. Where necessary, and to accommodate high peak flows we can also include purified water storage capacity. 

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We warrant that this product is free of defects of both material and workmanship for a period of one year.

Any product found to be defective will be replaced at no cost, except for any associated freight charges.

Prior to any returns, please contact our Customer Care Service in order for us to assess your warrantee claim.



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