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Our high quality Watermakers for marine and land -based applications  are manufactured from high quality components and superior anti-corrosive properties utilising stainless steel 316.



Small Capacity SWRO Watermakers are ideal for pleasure boats and  small commercial vessels..

  • Pleasure Boats
  • Medium to Large Yachts
  • Small to Large Sail Boats
  • Small Commercial Cruisers
  • Small Land Applications

Production: from 500 TO 2000 litres per day.

This is a high end premium quality product utilising high quality components including Italian made 316 Stainless Steel high pressure pump,  US made DOW desalination membrane and Hanovia ultraviolet disinfection unit.  

How much freshwater  do you need?

The World Health Organisation recommends at least one liter of fresh water per person per day to maintain hydration. Obviously, that figure is for survival conditions, not summer vacation. A freshwater consumption of two quarts per person per day is more realistic, assuming that this is augmented with other liquids and that normal water conservation methods are used (saltwater showers, rinsing veggies in salt water, etc.).


Features; Portable Water Maker.

  • Compact and portable and constructed from 316 Stainless Steel- easy access to system controls.
  • Extremely quiet, smooth, and with complete vibration isolation.
  • Telescopic legs and wheel option for portability.
  • World-class high pressure pump made in Italy.
  • Post RO   Hanovia UV disinfection 
  • Space efficient design 
  • No installation restrictions. Access membranes from both sides for easy maintenance and installation options.
  • TDS Meter, an essential tool for product water monitoring.
  • High rejection, high yield, commercial grade, and chemical resistant  DOW Membranes..
  • Exclusive high efficiency Booster Pump
  • Micro Processor Controlled Electronics provide state of the art technology and reliability with weekly Automatic Fresh Water Flush Timing (optional).
  • Stainless Steel, liquid filled exterior and interior Pressure Gauges for accurate measurement of system functions and corrosion resistance.
  • New Flow Meter for visual monitoring of the product water flow
  • All High Pressure Connections are composite 316L Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Water Quality Indication LED

Main system configuration


Model/main configuration




Core filtration component

USA DOW2521 sea

water desalination membrane 1 pcs

USA DOW2521 sea

water desalination membrane 2 pcs

USA DOW2540 sea

water desalination membrane 2 pcs


5 micron PP filter and 1 micron pleated filter

Post treatment

10W America Hanovia UV steriliser and  T33 coconut shell activated carbon filter

Raw water pump

Lingxiao pump, suction head 8m1.5TPH flow rate, pump lift 25M

High‐pressure pump

Italy imported AR brand high‐pressure pump


Raw water pump inlet water pressure gauge, high‐pressure pump Inlet water pressure gauge, fresh water flow meter

Online conductivity meter

Korida online conductivity meter

Optional Configuration

liquid level switch, pressure tank


watermaker process flow

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