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Rainwater Filtration systems for potable water sources. 



rainwater filtration

Securing your water supply.

It seems like the weather has become so unpredictable – our endless summers, especially in the subtropics, seem to abruptly change into a mild winter. The other seasons seems to have vanished without a trace, leaving us no opportunity to acclimatise. We certainly seem to be experiencing some extremes, with long periods of droughts more frequently. Just when we think it will never rain again, the heavens open and we face the other scale of the spectrum, including cyclones.

Rural Australians have had to adjust to these tough conditions, and water especially potable water has become a precious commodity.   Some communities who don’t have bores, may have access to rural water or untreated water, however potable water has become very expensive.  Carted water can cost as much as $200 /1000 litres delivered, which is a heavy burden for communities exposed to the consequences of the drought. For some people,  water from rainwater tanks has been their primary source of potable water, and hence have to rely on carted water.

Our rainwater filtration system will make all the difference! There is a solution, to become less prone to water shortages and have a safe reliable supply of potable water.   This is a new generation of membrane filtration called Ultrafiltration, which requires less energy and produces limited waste water to produce safe and sediment free water. This low pressure filtration allows for the clarification and disinfection of water in one single step by removing pollen, algae, bacteria, viruses, cysts and organic molecules from water. This innovative rainwater filtration system sets a new benchmark in filtration technology, and provides safe potable water from various water sources including dam, creek, rain water.


How it works: Our rainwater filtration system uses thousands of ultrafiltration hollow fibre membrane strands. Each membrane strand contains billions of microscopic pores. Household water pressure pushes water molecules through these pores towards the hollow centre of the membrane. The membrane filtration provides 99.9999% reduction of bacteria and 99.99% of virus by mechanical means. Filtered water then flows through each fibre and distributed to every household fixture. Due to the small pore size, particles that are too large to pass through are physically blocked out, while dissolved salts and essential minerals freely pass through.




 For whole house filtration applications ,Pacific Water Technology offers an ultrafiltration package, that includes a pleated 5 micron  sediment filter, activated carbon filter  , ultrafiltration module, and optional UV sterilisation.  For rain water with significant organic matter a activated carbon filter is recommended. The PWT 3000 Ultrafiltration Systems are ideally suited for domestic and commercial applications to fully remove turbidity and pathogens from rain water without leaving any residues downstream.

The Ultrafiltration module provides 99.9 % pathogen removal of your raw water supply at flow rates of up to 3000 l/hr. Ideal for rain water filtration and other sources of water which do not contain high levels of  suspended  solids or dissolved organic carbons.  Requires a sediment filter capable of removing sediment to 5 microns.  Max. Turbidity of 15 NTU; higher levels need pre-treatment.     Listed below are just some features:

  • UF Membrane material: PAN or alloy PVC.
  • Standard Pore Size: 0.01 micron
  • Fully stainless steel 304 filter housing
  • Peak Flow rate of up to 50 l/min .
  • Pressure range 100 -300 kPa
  • Waste outlet port for forward flush.
  • Can be back washed to extend membrane life.
  • High chemical resistance

 The pre-filters  help with more turbid waters and extend the service life of the ultrafilter module.   The ultrafilter has the capability for a forward flush which should be implemented on a regular basis to keep the membrane clean. A backwash option should also be considered, when dealing with higher turbidity waters, and when flow rates start to decay by more than 20%. Backwash using clean water is more efficient than a forward flush and a weak sanitising solution can be used during flushing

Residential and rural ultrafiltration for sediment free water

Residential and rural ultrafiltration for sediment free water

Ultrafiltration has so far been used predominantly in the bottled water industry, however new affordable ultrafiltration systems have enabled domestic users also to enjoy the benefits of this modern marvel. Ultrafiltration will provide safe drinking water whilst the natural occurring minerals are retained.   A secondary disinfection stage like ultraviolet disinfection can provide added protection to ensure that the drinking water is still safe to drink, even in the event that the membrane is ruptured.


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