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Your Home For Replacement Inline Water Filters, Cartridges, And A Caravan Water Filter

Pacific Water Technology is the Brisbane-based water treatment and filtration company that caters to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. With an emphasis on solving your water problem, the company has built a reputation for excellence in the industry. The company is a source for replacement inline water filters as well as equipment for large industrial plants that treat wastewater. All of the materials used in the company’s filters are FDA and USDA approved. The company also uses Dow membranes, the gold standard among brands used for reverse osmosis. With a showroom and warehouse in the Brisbane area, Pacific Water Technology stocks a wide range of equipment and chemicals that the company supplies throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Need A Replacement Home Water Filter?

Many homeowners have concerns about the contaminants that may be in the water. A good home water filter can remove chemicals like chlorine, which can be dangerous to humans. Those who have private water supplies can also visit Pacific Water Technology for help with filters that can remove iron from their water. Some homeowners also have problems with hard water and need advice on water softeners. The water that is supplied in most states in Australia is hard and contains some minerals that tend to form scale.

Pacific Water Technology can provide solutions for residential customers that soften water and remove lime scale. Homeowners using water softeners find that their appliances last longer and they save money on energy due to the reduced cost of heating. They also find that they do not use as much soap in their dishwashers or when doing laundry. Their clothes are softer and brighter, and their dishes have fewer spots because of the use of a water softener.

Find Your Water Solution At Pacific Water Technology

Whether you need replacement water filter cartridges or ultraviolet disinfection equipment, Pacific Water Technology has the answer. The company supplies various water filtration and purification technologies to homeowners all over Australia. You will find the latest and most efficient RO units that deliver the safest and best tasting drinking water.

Commercial customers can count on Pacific Water Technology to provide a range of water treatment solutions including ultraviolet disinfection, ozone technologies, water softening, and more. The company supplies a range of chemical dosing equipment such as peristaltic pumps. Customers can also find the bulk chemicals used in dosing water for treatment at Pacific Water Technology.

Caravan water filters and even a replacement caravan water filter are also available from Pacific Water Technology. Caravan filters with hose connect quickly to a water supply to offer a safe source of drinking water. The company has a sediment filter as well as an activated carbon filter that removes chlorine, most microorganisms, and improves the taste and odour of water.

Whatever your water problem, you will find the solution at Pacific Water Technology. From replacement inline filter cartridges to caravan filters to industrial water treatment solutions, the Brisbane-based water filtration company has the solution to your water issues. To learn more about how the company can assist you, visit www.pacificwater.com.au online or call the company directly at 1300 CLEANWATER.