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Protect Your Marine Pets, with Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems for Aquariums

Tap water is often loaded with contaminants, a clear reason why many households are today equipped with sophisticated filtration systems to deliver healthier and better tasting drinking water. If you are someone who has several aquariums or marine pets, you should pay even more attention to how you are treating and filtering your water. After all, the contaminants that might just impair the taste of your drinking water can be downright fatal to fish and other underwater wildlife.

Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Systems

At Pacific Water Technology, we can help you be smarter about the water you are putting into your aquariums or fish tanks. We carry some reverse osmosis water systems meant specifically for aquariums. These systems deliver reliably pure water by forcing tap water through a semipermeable membrane that sales and other dangerous contaminants or impurities cannot pass through.

Reverse osmosis is the same process that is used to treat and demineralise water for kidney dialysis machines. In other words, it’s a water treatment technology that we count on to save and preserve human lives; you can rely on it to protect your fish. Indeed, when you invest in a reverse osmosis aquarium filter from Pacific Water Technology, you are getting a water treatment unit that is capable of filtering out up to 99% of the chemicals found in an average tank of tap water.

Why Minding Your Aquarium Water is More Important Than Ever Before

Tap water has always had its fair share of contaminants and impurities. Unfortunately, for fish and other marine-based wildlife, tap water has only become more dangerous.

In Australia, water authorities are replacing chlorine with chloramine as their go-to disinfectant. In water treatment systems that use chloramines, chlorine is mixed with ammonia, with the goal of providing a longer-lasting water treatment. Since water typically has a long journey to take from the water treatment plant to individual residential households, water treatment technologies that provide a longer-lasting treatment are obviously preferable.

For humans, water that has been treated with chloramines is perfectly safe—whether for drinking, cooking or bathing. For fish and other marine-based wildlife, though—including amphibians, some reptiles, marine invertebrates and even a fair amount of marine plant life—chloramines are toxic. As a result, investing in a smart aquarium filtration system is a must if you plan on keeping underwater pets and using tap water to fill the tank.

To adequately filter out chloramines from your fish tank water, you need both an aquarium reverse osmosis water filter and a GAC (or granular activated carbon) filter. At Pacific Water Technology, we have both of these filtration systems available for purchase. We can help you design a bespoke reverse osmosis and GAC aquarium filtration system that will be best for your marine pets.

If you are shopping for reverse osmosis water systems for aquariums, visit Pacific Water Technology on the web at www.pacificwater.com.au to get started. As you’ll notice, we have a range of different reverse osmosis filters available in stock, available at different price brackets. If you need help deciding which is right for you, feel free to give us a call directly, at 1300 CLEANWATER.