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Pacific Water Technology Has Ultraviolet (UV) Water Disinfection System Equipment To Solve Your Water Problems

Ultraviolet water disinfection equipment is vital to many industries and different businesses. Pacific Water Technology is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of water treatment and filtration devices. The company’s focus is on finding solutions to the various water problems that plague residential, commercial, and industrial customers. With a warehouse and showroom located in the Brisbane area, Pacific Water Technology is the company customers count on in Australia and New Zealand for water filtration solutions.

How Does A UV Water Disinfection System Work?

UV water disinfection can be used in a variety of applications such as the treatment of wastewater. Ultraviolet light is used to destroy the DNA in viruses, bacteria, mould, and more. With the DNA damaged, these cells cannot function and multiply. Some organisms are resistant to chemical treatment and are a risk to human health. Cryptosporidium, for example, is resistant to chlorine. This microscopic organism causes diarrhea in humans. Using a UV water disinfection equipment kills the cryptosporidium parasite, among others, treating the water and making it acceptable for use. Ultraviolet disinfection is highly effective and does not affect the taste, colour, or odour of water.

Ultraviolet light is generated by an electrical source that pushes electrons through ionised mercury vapor. The mercury is isolated and is note exposed to the water during the process. UV light is used for the disinfection of water from dam, creek, and municipal water. Desalination plants can use UV disinfection along with reverse osmosis to treat sea water before removing the salt. There are many uses for UV water treatment. The professionals at Pacific Water Technology can develop a solution for any customer’s particular needs.

Water Treatment Solutions For A Variety Of Customers

Pacific Water Technology does not just work with industrial customers. Residential customers interested in removing harmful chemicals from their water consult with the professionals at Pacific Water Technology. Homeowners who have private water supplies also use the company to help them remove harmful contaminants, such as iron, or to help them soften their water.

Commercial customers such as restaurants and hotels rely on the expertise of Pacific Water Technology to solve problems with hard water. Scaling in dishwashers is common in applications where the machines are being run almost constantly using hard water. Antiscaling chemicals can be used to solve the problems. Pacific Water Technology also offers customers solutions such as ozone for pools or the previously mentioned ultraviolet water disinfection system. These types of solutions reduce the number of chemicals used and reduce the effect on the environment.

Pacific Water Technology also offers a variety of industrial water solutions such as ion exchange and deionising for boilers and water treatment to prevent corrosion and scaling. The company supplies a wide range of chemicals to treat pools, as well as different filtration media like glass, sand, and gravel. Chemicals can be supplied in bulk.

To learn more about how Pacific Water Technology and how it can help you or your business, visit www.pacificwater.com.au online or call the company directly at 1300 CLEANWATER.