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The 0.01 micron Litree Double Star membrane filtration module provides a very economical method to produce safe drinking water  for commercial applications removing all bacteria, viruses and cysts from your water supply, whilst retaining any naturally occurring minerals.

Constant high quality water at high water flow rates  of up to 4000 l/hr guaranteed with minimal loss of treatment waste.

The Litree Double Star ultrafiltration system has a proven track record and has been installed in some of the worlds’ largest hotel chains and resorts.



The  Litree Double Star Ultrafiltration system provides safe potable water to commercial institutions including Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Municipal and large residential buildings as well as schools. The Litree Double Star uses thousands of ultrafiltration hollow fibre membrane strands. Each membrane strand contains billions of microscopic pores. Household water pressure pushes water molecules through these pores towards the hollow centre of the membrane. The membrane filtration provides 99.9999% reduction of bacteria and 99.99% of virus by mechanical means. Filtered water then flows through each fibre and is distributed to every household fixture.

Due to the small pore size, particles that are too large to pass through are physically blocked out, while dissolved salts and essential minerals freely pass through.

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Unlike Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration does not remove the dissolved mineral salts, hence the filtered water is not acidic and provides improved health benefits.

The Litree Double Star Ultrafiltration unit provides a high flow of up to 4000 l/hr of filtered drinking water and is used for commercial applications including hotels and resorts.  An integrated microprocessor control system allows for an automated flush sequence to keep the hollow fibres clean and extend the life of the membrane.  This also ensures that there is no microbiological build-up within the fibres. 

The schematic below indicates process flow, and a pressure bladder tank  reduces pressure fluctuations. Three normally closed solenoid valves at water inlet, product waste and permeate ensure that there is no wastage of water during power outages. A microprocessor controls the backwash and forward flush cycle ( adjustable), and the LED panel also indicates the cycle that is in progress. A manual flush cycle is also available.

DS-8GdX2-A schematic 2


Model: DS-8GdX2-A
Filtration: 0.01 microns
Capacity: 4000 l/hr
Dimensions: 1020x 423x 250 mm


 NW : 37 kg
Pressure: 0.1-0.3 MPa
Temperature: 5-45°C
Source Water: Municipal water, Rain Water. Other sources of water may require additional filtration steps.
Controller: Microcomputer
Flush Frequency Default or customise
Flush Duration 60s
Power 12VDC
Solenoid Valves 3-5 V/G3/4
Pipes SS304
Connector G3/4"
Life Expectancy of membrane: 3-4 years

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