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Acrylic  Tube flowmeter for liquids and gas  max. pressure rating 0.6 MPa,  accuracy ±4%. Operating Temperature range 0 to 60 degC.

When ordering please specific required flow range.   The  flow range options are listed in the description for the two different media.

For corrosive media including acids  and caustic we recommend our range of  teflon lined electromagnetic flow meters.


 Description :  Transparent Tube Flow Meter (Liquid \Gas).

 Flow Meters ( Rotameters or Variable Area Flow Meters) DIN Standard


Select from two types of low meters , calibrated in water or air .   For different  densities of media correction formula needs to be applied to get accurate flow rate.  Flow range is 0 to 4 litres per minute or 0 -5 GPM( Water)  and up to 16 m3/hr for air.   Female DN20 thread  made from UPVC. 

1 Flowmeter LZM-15G for water, female ends, DN15 0.5GPM\ 2 LPM
2 1GPM/4 LPM
3 2GPM/ 8 GPM
4 2.5GPM/10 LPM
5 5GPM/19 LPM
6 Flowmeter LZM-15G for air, female ends, DN15 6-60L/min
7 1-10m3/H
8 1.6-16m3/H

The Water Flow meter consists of a vertically oriented glass (or plastic) tube with a larger end at the top, and a metering float which is free to move within the tube. Fluid flow causes the float to rise in the tube as the upward pressure differential and buoyancy of the fluid overcome the effect of gravity. 

The float rises until the annular area between the float and tube increases sufficiently to allow a state of dynamic equilibrium between the upward differential pressure and buoyancy factors, and downward gravity factors.

The height of the float is an indication of the flow rate. The tube can be calibrated and graduated in appropriate flow units. 

These simple direct reading flow indicators are made from transparent plastic with metal or plastic end fittings, They are used to monitor the flow rate of water or other liquids and gases . The end fittings can be made from brass, stainless steel, aluminium or PVC(optional) The plastic tubes are made from Acrylonitrile Styrene (AS)plastic for water flows from 1.6 to 200  m3/hr . Styrene acrylonitrile resin is a co-polymer plastic consisting of styrene and acrylonitrile.. It is widely used in place of polystyrene owing to its greater thermal resistance. The transparent tubes allow the user to read the flow rate from the printed scale where it is intersected by the edge of the float in the fluid.

Max. pressure rating 0.6 MPa,

Max. temperature 60 °C

Durable one-piece acrylic construction

Stable easy-to-read float

High Accuracy ±4%. Metric Scale.

Stainless steel 316  float guide , tube is AS,  female thread DN standard  UPVC  

Teflon Coated float guide available for sea water, alternatively units available without float guide.


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